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Welcome to Horse Illustrated’s weekly installment of the Right Horse Adoptable Horse of the Week, offered in partnership with the ASPCA's Right Horse program. This week's adoptable horse is Ears on Backwards! Check back weekly for a new featured...
Horse vacations have evolved from dusty guided trail rides on sleepy horses to a wide array of rides, drives, and equine-themed experiences and adventures. There have never been so many options for every budget. Horse Vacation Destinations Here, we’ve created a...
As equestrian sports continue to grow in popularity, there are more and more exciting competitions taking place around the world in every discipline. While it is impossible to attend all of these events in person, we now have a...
Informed horse owners would never intentionally do something that could cause their horse to colic. Yet many owners unwittingly follow feeding practices that can make horses more susceptible to gastrointestinal distress and abdominal pain. Learn the most common feeding...
It’s a scene riders dread: A tense, strong horse ignores your cues, moves straight ahead then begins bucking and kicking out. Your horse’s body is tight and you are out of control. How can this scene be avoided for...
There is something about a Palomino horse that gets people’s attention. That could be why Xena the Warrior Princess, cowboy star Roy Rogers, and even Wilbur of Mister Ed fame had one. Let’s face it: It’s hard to look...
Groundwork exercises that check communication between horse and human are a crucial part of my evaluation of a new horse or new horse and rider pairing. If broken down to its most simple form, riding is comprised of asking...
Welcome to Barn Banter, the official podcast of Horse Illustrated. In Barn Banter episode 11, hosts Susan Friedland and Raquel Lynn chat with Allie Baier, a physical therapist for equestrians, and Lindsay Hunter, an equestrian interior designer. Finally, they take a...
After moving from Kentucky to coastal Southern California, my horse Artie had a rude shock to the system: He went from 24/7 pasture board to full-time life in a 12x24-foot pipe corral. Although the weather is always nice and...
On the night of October 19, 2001, a MH-47G Chinook made the treacherous flight from Uzbekistan over the Hindu Kush mountains. Howling winds and weather ranging from sandstorms to snow battered the heavy helicopter before it landed in the...
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